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GSHNJ: Girl Scouts of Hillsborough, NJ
  • Check back often for service updates and new opportunities!

  • Our Service Chair, Patty Van Langen will send out direct emails to parents/Leaders as many service requests are time sensitive.  Girls are recognized at the Annual Awards Ceremony with a special Hillsborough SU72 Community Service Award if they participate in at least 5 SU-sponsored Community Events or Service Events so keep track of that service! 

    Council also has a Service Award opportunity called Hearts of Service.  The amount of hours differs by program levels and details can be found here.

    • Calendar of Service Events

    • Pollinator Garden

      Help Hillsborough's Own Pollinator Garden by signing up to take care of it for a month.  Assign a week to a girl or a pair of girls to keep them involved in service to the community over the summer.  Tending to this garden means coming every 5-10 days of the month to water, weed, and trim as needed based on the weather. The first time you visit you'll coordinate with a gardener who will be there to show you everything you need to know about the garden and answer any questions you may have. After that, you can come at your convenience either as a troop or as individuals. This is a great way to get service hours, have fun, and make a difference in the community all at once!  Tending the garden is one of the community service events that qualifies for the SU72 Community Service Award.

      Click this link to sign up: 

    • S.H.I.P.

      Girl Scouts of Hillsborough supports SHIP each year with our annual food drive in February.  This food drive supports SHIP’s mobile soup kitchen.  For those that aren't aware, SHIP is located in nearby Somerville, NJ.  From their website:

      SHIP, the Samaritan Homeless Interim Program, began operations on March 5, 1984 in response to the unheeded cry of the many women, children and men who are in desperate need of emergency housing and associated services. 
       Clients coming to SHIP are in desperate need of help.  Many are the working poor. They include those that suffer from homelessness or being near homeless.  Many are hungry or suffer from substance abuse dependency, HIV/AIDS, mental health issues, or neglect and isolation. Services are tailored to each individual's need and vary in duration according to each individual or families situation.  SHIP provides this unique population with critically needed emergency interim services. 
       These services may include advocacy, emergency interim housing, interim counseling, and support services, that greatly enhance their chances of regaining their self-sufficiency again. SHIP is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the poor.  Clients are eligible to apply for all of SHIP's Programs and Services.”
      • Looking forward to next year, we are looking for an older troop to coordinate our annual food drive, as well as continue to spread the word about SHIP.  Please contact the Service mailbox if your troop is interested.  
      • Additionally, Barnes & Noble has offered to allow Girl Scouts to host a holiday gift wrapping to share information on this organization.   Please reach out to the Service mailbox if your troop is interested in this a service opportunity. 
      Looking for recipes to make for S.H.I.P., troop 60304 created this recipe book as part of their silver award
      Also for SHIP:
      BROWN BAG (packaged) MEALS
      Requirements: 60 Sandwiches
      Examples with suggested codes to mark on bags:
      60 brown bags required
      Ham & Cheese = HC
      Bologna = B
      Tuna = TF
      Turkey = T
      American Cheese = AC
      20 Extra of Peanut Butter & Jelly = PJ
      1 pound of cold cuts yields 8 to 10 sandwiches
      60 Pieces of fruit, please provide assortment (*Some clients have health concerns including but not limited to the ability to chew hard food..)
      60 Juice boxes with straw attached
      60 Snack item: chips, cookies in baggie, wrapped donut, packaged cake, etc. Be creative!
      Each bag should have in it: one sandwich, napkin, juice box, one piece of fruit and snack item. Bags should be marked on outside indicating which type of sandwich is inside. i.e.: HC for ham and cheese. There should be no mustard or dressing on bread. Mustard & Mayonnaise (condiments) packets will be provided by SHIP.

      Call SHIP at 
      908-393-9545 and let us know when you will be bringing the lunches in order to help us better manage the delivery of the meals to the needy. Deliveries are accepted Monday thru Friday.


    • Hearts of Service

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