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Express Your Creativity - Girl Scout Display Case
Juliette Low Case by troop 60022
Juliette Low Case by troop 60022
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Express Your Creativity - Girl Scout Display Case

Posted by: Website Admin on Tue, Feb 25, 2014

It's so easy - tips from Troop 60022 Leaders

Many thanks to Troop 60022 for decorating our designated SU72 Girl Scout display cases in the main hall of the Municipal Building; just past the library on the left hand side.  AND many thanks to GS Troop Leaders Donna & Heather for sharing just how to go about it while making it a worthwhile experience in the process!!  If you haven't done so already, stop by and check it out (on display thru March)

- Donna and I volunteered our troop for the GS Case and scheduled it for January.
- We explained to our troop that decorating the GS case would be our service opportunity for January. 
- We showed the girls the actual case when we were in the municipal building for a different event.  This was a visual to them so they could see what we were working to decorate.
- Juliette Gordon Low was the topic for one of our regular meetings around her birthday and Founders Day.  Donna and I did the research for this meeting. 
- We prepared our girls by discussing different topics that we might be able to use to decorate the case.  At a couple of meetings in the Fall/Winter we discussed the GS case briefly and brainstormed some ideas. 
- Juliette Gordon Low was one of the ideas that the girls came up with in one of our brainstorming sessions.  We made the final decision to use Juliette Gordon Low as our GS Case topic, considering we already had the information at hand from our previous meeting. 
- We took a meeting in the beginning of January to split up the Juliette Gordon Low facts, one to each girl.  We had a sheet listing several different facts about her.  These were the facts that we had discussed at our previous meeting.  We set the girls in a circle and went around to each of them to choose a fact.  Once a fact was chosen, we then discussed options on how to represent/display that fact in the case.  We let the girls come up with the creative ideas themselves and let girls assist each other if they were struggling.  Each of the girls came up with their own piece of the case. 
- We sent the girls home with "homework" to put together their piece for the case.  They each had a fact and an idea. 
- We scheduled a 2 hour window on a Saturday and split our troop in 2.  1/2 the girls came for the first hour, and the rest came for the 2nd hour.  The first shift worked on one side of the case, and the 2nd shift worked on the other side of the case.  We let the girls decide how it would be decorated.  Donna and I provided some suggestions and added a few decorating touches.

Juliette Gordon Low facts to be found in the case:
- Juliette’s Birthday is October 31st (1860)– Halloween!!
- Juliette is from Savannah, Georgia
- Juliette designed the Trefoil in 1914.
- Juliette’s nickname was “Daisy” which is where the name girl scout Daisies comes from.
- Juliette died of breast cancer in 1927.
- Girl Scouts is 102 years old.
- Juliette sold her pearls to get money to start the Girl Scouts.

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