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Girl Scout Destinations!
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Girl Scout Destinations!

Posted by: Mindy on Tue, Jan 16, 2018

Fiona Hitesman attended a Girl Scouts Destinations trip to China.

The Girl Scouts give girls the opportunity to grow to become strong leaders with different backgrounds of experience. The Girl Scout Destinations allow for girls to travel outside of their comfort zones and tackle new experiences. This past summer I took advantage of that opportunity and traveled to China to take care of pandas and experience a new culture. 

With the guide of our two counselors, me and seven other girls would traveling half way around the world to save the pandas. Our trip was off to a rocky start, our connecting flight from Beijing to Chengdu was canceled and we were stuck in the airport for twenty four hours. We slept on airport floor and spent 12 hours sitting at a table in Maan’s coffee. Even though it felt we were there forever, we created a very tight bind through playing card games and just talking about our lives back home. Once we were in Chengdu we were excited to start the dirty work of taking care of pandas. We had an informal session of the kinds of thing scientists were doing to integrate pandas back into the wild. Then for the next four days we made food for the pandas, fed them, changed out the bamboo, picked up poop, and cleaned the enclosures. It was a good hands on experience and I really learned a lot about animals and the kind of steps that are made when trying to get animals off the endangered species list.

The culture was a very large portion of the experience. People there are stunned to see Americans, wherever we went there were always people asking us to take pictures and sign stuff for them. In a town square there were people doing dances in a circle and were trying to help us learn the moves. For te entire trip we ate traditional Chinese food and I have to say breakfast was my favorite, rice and scrambled eggs are amazing together, who knew. Chinese people are very hospitable and take pride in their country.

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