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Gold Award Project: Hometown Heroes
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Gold Award Project: Hometown Heroes

Posted by: Website Admin on Tue, Nov 26, 2013

A documentary by Nicole Rossi

Last year, my troop went to Washington DC for the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts. We took a bus tour to the various monuments and to Arlington National Cemetery. This inspired me to do some research about veterans. I went to the Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies and talked with the Mayor’s Office and the Library. It took over a year and a half and 140 hours to complete my research, interviews and editing of the tapes. I had over 3 ½ hours of raw footage and hundreds of pictures that were shared with me. In the end, I captured the stories of 11 veterans from Hillsborough who were in 5 different conflict and I made a 90 minute film documentary. The veteran’s stories have been captured on videotape for future generations to view. Many of these stories had never been told. They will be used as teaching tools that explain the impact/lessons of war beyond what can be found in classroom textbooks. The Hillsborough Board of Education forwarded my DVD and transcript to the Hillsborough Township District Social Studies Supervisor and it will be catalogued as a reference for the school system to use on the district website. It will also be catalogued by the Hillsborough Library/Somerset County Library System as a reference tool. Both of these catalogues can be accessed through the internet. By doing this project, I not only got a personal prospective of what the veterans went through, but I gained interviewing skills and self-confidence.

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