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Open Team Positions and Roles
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Open Team Positions and Roles

Posted by: HeatherB on Tue, Jul 5, 2016

Are you willing to do more with Hillsborough Girl Scouts? We know you are very busy but it's a great group of people and all contributions make Hillsborough Girl Scouts better. Want to start on team with something smaller? Some of these positions will only take up a little extra time for a very short period of your time. For example, planning a level event for just one level. You have to come up with an idea, contact the venue to coordinate time, date, and costs. Then, create a flyer, manage the responses, and get the event kicked off. It's a few extra hours over the course of a few weeks and then it's over and done. We're looking for new faces to help keep the Hillsborough Scout community going strong. Won't you consider a role today? We know you will do an awesome job.

Open Team Positions (All year round):

Position Responsibility
-SU Fundraising Chair Coordinates order processing & discount theme park ticket distribution for Hershey park and oversees other Fundraising like Spiritwear.

-Leader Support Coordinator Responsible for assuring that all new troops are supported during startup to make sure they are progressing with training, and getting their paperwork done so they can be assigned a troop number. Assures that new troops during their first year have resources and contact points to ask questions of procedure, information about handling difficult situations, and ideas for troop,etc.. Achieves this by aligning all newly formed troops with a mentor leader who is approximately 1-2 levels ahead of them as a point person and touching base with new leaders regularly to assure they are managing the demands and their role.

-Level Events Coordinator Supports level events committee to promote & execute specific activities for Daisy-Ambassador levels

Open Team Roles (usually single point in time)

-April Earth Day: No Fixed Event - You can Create it
-May -Camporee Committee: Coordinate Camporee registration, work with Camp for timing and reservation, coordinate troops for schedule of activities and rooming arrangements
-May Hillsborough Hop: Coordinate service with HHop Organizer, determine GS runners and order armbands
-Any Daisy Level Event: Plan, Coordinate, Register and Run Event for this age group
-Any Junior Level Event: Plan, Coordinate, Register and Run Event for this age group
-Any Cadette Level Event: Plan, Coordinate, Register and Run Event for this age group - Traditionally has been BUNCO
-Any Senior/Ambassador Level Event: Plan, Coordinate, Register and Run Event for this age group
-Any Father Daughter Event: No fixed event, you create it.
-Any Leader Level Event: No fixed event, you create it.
-March SU Sleepover Event: SU wide sleepover to be hosted somewhere in town. We need a committee to research potential locations, rules around it and plan the details of the event. We'd prefer to have the event around Girl Scout week

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