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Share Your Guiding Light
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Share Your Guiding Light

Posted by: HeatherB on Wed, Feb 18, 2015

For World Thinking Day


Share Your Guiding Light

In addition to the various World Thinking Day activities, you can also do something super fun that will rock social media!

Here's how:

All Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world will be challenged to find a creative way to share their #guidinglight. The light of a candle has been used for years by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world to feel connected, and now it's your chance to connect, share, and shake the world and social media with your Girl Scout spirit!

All you have to do is think of a way to show the world your #guidinglight. You can simply light a candle, or you can get creative and use the sun, your laptop, a lantern, the torch on your phone, a spark from two pieces of flint, or even a campfire! You can also get your family and friends to participate!

Upload your pic to your favorite social media site with with a message to share with this worldwide movement, and challenge someone else or a whole country to do the same!

Share your picture using the #guidinglight hashtag.
Tag: @girlscouts, @wagggs_world

The action can be simple or you can take it to a higher level and make it part of a big World Thinking Day celebration or fundraising activities for the Juliette Low Friendship Fund.

The social media push will start on February 21 with a video message from the WAGGGS World Board Chair Nicola Grinstead. The action will circle the globe, starting on the morning of February 22 in either Kiribati or New Zealand, and ending at midnight in Alaska or Hawaii, where we will close the #guidinglight challenge with a film featuring as much of the content you've created as possible. We can all watch and see the size, unity, and strength of our global movement and sisterhood. Tune in every hour on social media to see how widely the #guidinglight has spread throughout the world.

What form will your #guidinglight take? Start planning now!

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