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GSHNJ: Girl Scouts of Hillsborough, NJ
Town of Hillsborough Proclaims Girl Scout Week

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Town of Hillsborough Proclaims Girl Scout Week

Posted by: Mindy on Fri, Mar 17, 2017

At the Township Meeting Mayor Suraci pronounced this week to be Girl Scout Week in Hillsborough

On Thursday, March 16th, Mayor Carl Suraci, proclaimed that this week in Hillsborough, NJ is Girl Scout Week. Our fearless Co Sum Tara O'Brien made the following comments:

105 years. Girls Scouts of the United States has been serving girls for an incredible 105 years. Our organization has outlived 88% of the Fortune 500 companies present in 1955. In 105 years, we have seen over 59 million women be part of our organization and today, we are currently serving 1.9 million girls with over 800,000 adult volunteers.

My name is Tara O’Brien and with my Co-Manager, Heather Campbell Bruchey, we are proud to serve Hillsborough Township with over 500 Girl Scouts and 400 awesome Volunteers. We are honored to accept this proclamation celebrating our history, our commitment to today’s girls, and all we will serve in the future.

Our mission is “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.” Here in Hillsborough, our Girl Scout community shines in each of these areas. For courage, I have watched young girls be unsure, nervous and scared to try something like rock climbing or canoeing. But in a short time, with the encouragement of their Leaders, I watched the same young girls get to the top of that wall or paddle back in with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen celebrating their accomplishments. I have seen our older Girl Scouts walk into a room and run an entire journey program for our younger Scouts with the confidence of a CEO. And there is nothing better than watching our girls demonstrate the larger than life character they have built, with each other, with their leaders, and within our community.

In our community, we never stop trying to make the world a better place. Our girls contribute year-round to projects, events, and jump at the chance to be present. And our older girls have the chance to complete the highest award, Bronze, Silver and Gold. A Gold award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn and yes, it is equal to the Boy Scout Eagle Scout. In just the past 3 years, our Girl Scouts have earned over 40 Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Each of those awards producing a project to improve our schools, churches, parks, or directly touching our seniors, students, parents and friends. There is no prouder moment for our leaders than having “their Girls” plan and execute one of these projects. And I emphasize, the Girls plan and execute, as one of our key Leadership experiences is to ensure we operate under the mission of “girl led” execution.

Before I close, let me give a small plug that as we start the wrap up of the 100th Anniversary of Cookie sales, our Girl Scouts will be out and about at various locations in Hillsborough selling cookies over the next few weekends. If you didn’t get order one of our 31,000 boxes of cookies yet or realized you just need more of your favorite ones, be sure to stop by. Don’t be afraid to ask them about Girl Scouts, their community projects, and all the fun things that have done and learned. In addition, our beloved Camp DeWitt is reopening this summer for day camp. We’d love to have your daughter join our camp program and experience an incredible list of activities and opportunities with us.

As the 2017 Girl Scout week winds down, I invite you to celebrate our 105 years with us. 105 years with the largest organization serving Girls. 105 years of Girls being Go Getters, Innovators, Risk Takers, and Leaders. 50% of all businesswoman were Girl Scouts. 75% of our current female senators were Girl Scouts. Almost all the woman in space were Girl Scouts. Each and every year, our Hillsborough volunteers provide direction, guidance, and opportunity to our girls to be the next business owner, senator, or astronaut. Our Girl Scouts take advantage from every angle and aspect and I cannot wait to see what our Hillsborough Girl Scouts become. With Girl Scouts, the possibilities are endless, the experience is invaluable, and the reward is priceless. Here’s to 105 more years!

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